Sesto Dolomites

7 km from the resort

The ski resort Sesto Dolomites is located in the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage, and includes the ski mountains Helm - Monte Elmo in Vierschach, Rotwand - Croda Rossa in Sexten, Haunold - Monte Baranci in Innichen and Padola in Val Comelico. In this ski resort you can find not only family-friendly and snow-safe ski slopes, but also two sledging runs, Europe's smallest pride of reindeers and a house-high snowman family.

Altitude: 1 140 m - 2 205 m over sea level
Km of slopes: 93 km
Lifts: 32
Huts: 10
Ski rental: on the spot
Ski school: on the spot
Family highlights: the reindeers, the giant snowman family and the Rudolph reindeer ski training track on the Rotwand ski mountain, the children's mountain village on the Helm ski mountain and the snow-tubing-run and the night-time skiing and sledging on the Haunold ski mountain
Arrival: by car, by ski shuttle or by train (from Sillian to Vierschach with direct access to the ski resort)

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